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Love-A-Lot Early Childhood Center Day Care Coralville

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Expect Outstanding Infant Care

Children in the Infant Center have Primary Caregivers, one person that is responsible for your child’s primary physical and emotional needs.


The daily schedule is flexible enough to allow the caregiver the opportunity to respond to the varied and constantly changing activity levels, moods and needs of the child. In the Infant Center we record each child’s daily routine on an individual information sheet for parents to take home at the end of the day.

• 2 changes of clothes

• Disposable diapers

• Diaper wipes

• Diaper cream (if needed)

• 2 plastic bottles

• Formula (concentrate or powder) and/or breast milk

• Baby food (if needed)

• Pacifiers (if needed)

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Love-A-Lot Infant Center provides care for up to 12 infants, ages 6 weeks to approximately 1 year of age. Our Infant Program is staffed at a 1:3 adult/child ratio.

Parents provide the following:

Allow your child to greatly benefit from our age appropriate activities.

Let Your Infant Discover a New, Safe, and Exciting World